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SpeedRay 1000

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The new SpeedRay 1000 is the next generation satellite equipment that departs from the traditional reflecting dish and LNB configuration and uses phased array technology in an innovative mechanical configuration that provides economies of size and bulk that makes conventional design appear clumsy by comparison replica handbags online.

Phased array satellite plates have been around for many years but have not been popular because relative cost and the innovative design in the SpeedRay assembles 4 long slats of phased array elements in a moving venetian blind configuration on a lightweight rotating platform. This results in a low profile package under a weatherproof radome some 150 mm high instead of 900 mm + for a conventional dish, let alone allowing for the LNB arm.

High tech accessories,Gucci Replica Handbags such as GPS receiver and on-board internal inertial gyroscope inertial sensors, provide a neat fully functional  operational package. A key installation plus is the use of a single mobile phone type coaxial cable carrying control signals, DC power, satellite received signs from the internal LNB and to connect between the inside and the SpeedRay 1000 outdoor unit. The control unit is a small control box with satellite select buttons and output to the normal Campersat satellite receiver and card.

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