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Smart Cards

Most broadcasters, including the free-to-air broadcasters, ABC, SBS and the satellite commercials, allow access to their service by issuing smart cards.

These smart cards control access to services on a service-by-service basis and is generally independent of the receiver that it is used with. Some of the newer services, including the new VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television), increase their security by marrying cards to receivers so cards cannot be moved between boxes.

Encryption Explained

To counter piracy activities of broadcasters, they now protect their signals. For those who have migrated from pirate cards, it is now payback time and we all have too endure the fall out replica gucci handbags.

  • Conditional access cards are with us to stay so let's get used to it.
  • Free-to-air commercial broadcasters have their patch to protect for many reasons, including copyright and licence provisions. These guys now rigorously enforce their application for access.
  • Videosat now has a subscription customer care plan to support you and to look after the nuts and bolts of these issues.
  • Broadcasters cycle codes regularly, mostly monthly, but some more often.
  • If your equipment is off when codes are changed, you will get a scrambled message when you first turn back on. This message will stay until your receiver decodes the relevant signal.

Many operators and broadcasters include channels that are open access, that is, you do not need a card to view them. This includes the Optus Tuning Channel; NITV channel (channel 31), Arrow FM, and the shopping channel on PayTV.

Broadcasters use non-encrypted channels, eg. VAST Channel 800 or 801, to make sure you are lined up on the satellite and have a picture. We provide you with promo information as well.

All services do not come up at the same time. Optus can take up to 8 hours or so to cycle so, if you are wanting that special program, make sure you have been locked on to satellite and receiving programming prior to the big event. If you're an infrequent viewer of your satellite, turn it on the day before you need to view

The VAST website has interactive functions to fast track these issues.

All Videosat equipment uses proper Optus cards with full after-sales service. Videosat has always used authorised Optus cards and arranged authorisation prior to delivery. Each card is clearly serial numbered.

Optus Smart Card Information

Activation of Optus Aurora smart cards needs viewers (or Videosat) to complete the appropriate forms to obtain permission to access the respective service.

About VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television)

The new VAST service uses cards matched to boxes. As this service is operated by a new consortium, different access arrangements are in place for activation.

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