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Key Pointers

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•  Special purpose-designed in Australia for Australian users in this wide country of ours

•  Easy to adjust with no bits to loose

•  Proper test meter that gives you easy set up each time every time - and can be easily removed when tuning is done so not to leave out to tempt fate

•  Good sturdy hardware designed for the job


•  Be thrown together from cast-off undersized pay TV dishes, some U bolts and wobbly clamps

Let us help you make the choice!!!

Dish Size

Campersat provides most appropriate dish size considering usage and convenience. Roof mount dishes are 90 cm whilst portables are generally 75 cm.

For best results in those parts of Australia where the satellite footprint is weak, as well as during periods of heavy cloud or heavy rain, 90 cm dishes are available as an option or an accessory. Remember, dish performance is a function of its surface area. A 60 cm dish, for example, has less than half the performance capacity of a 90 cm dish. So if you are free-camping or traveling in the far north of Australia or the far south of WA , you'll be better off with a 90 cm dish.

Campersat Standard System Inclusions

Campersat portable systems have been designed for easy and affordable access to satellite TV. All our Campersat portable products are supplied as a complete assembled system kit. All you need to do is screw the dish onto the mount.

Each system kit contains:

•  75 cm satellite dish - the user-nominated combination for Australia-wide reception & manageable size

•  Purpose-built mount designed for easy tuning & operation

•  Digital satellite receiver, fully licenced for the encrypted services

•  Genuine Optus smart card (decodes satellite signal to standard video output)- activated for you on relevant broadcaster services

•  Dual polarity C871 LNB (or optional C872 for new pay TV compatibility)

•  15m RG6 coaxial cable. The system will work with up to 100m of cable

•  Cable entry kit - allows you to run the coax cable into your RV without the need to keep a door or window open. This also allows for a neat installation of the receiver.

•  Digital test meter - Easy to use test meter helps you find the satellite in minutes, and is supplied with a sturdy shower protection covering. The test meter is not in the main signal path, so it does not interfere with the signal and can be left permanently connected. Easily removable if you would rather keep it inside.

•  Easy to follow instruction manual & Finding the Satellite Guide - a handy laminated three-step guide to help you locate the satellite in minutes no matter where you are in Australia.

All our systems are designed for portability and ease of use. The manual controls for elevation & direction can be operated with one hand and require no tools - no fiddling with spanners & screwdrivers. Our dishes feature a folding LNB arm which simplifies setup and storage. The arm keeps all cabling internal and is secured against the dish with an elastic strap for storage. All components are designed for traveling in Australian conditions.

Our portable range of satellite systems provide exceptional quality TV and radio reception Australia-wide and is designed to suit the discerning traveler for use with his/her mobile home, campervan, caravan, 4WD or tent. Easy to set up, simple to use, big enough for great reception, (even in weak signal areas), yet small enough to stow!

Designed with the needs of wandering travelers in mind, all the models in this range are portable and have been designed for quick and easy set up and dismantling.

The Campersat portable range is designed and manufactured by Videosat Pty Ltd, an Australian company with over 20 years experience in supplying satellite systems. Videosat Pty Ltd designed and manufacture the award-winning Campersat Autoseek, a fixed satellite system for motorhomes and caravans and winner of the 2002 CCIA Most Innovative Product of the Year Award. This same award winning expertise brings you the Campersat portable range of satellite systems for travelers who want to 'stow and go'!

Campersat Portable Executive

This model is Campersat's top-of-the-line portable system and is suited to travelers who frequently move from place to place. This system mounts quickly on a sturdy tripod base, with adjustable tripod legs, suitable for a range of terrain. The adjustment mechanism of this system is the easiest of all the Campersat portable models to operate.


•  Dish can be placed away from your camper.

•  Easy to carry, set up & stow-lightweight tripod mount

•  Adjustable tripod legs suitable for level or sloped terrain

•  Durable brass locking handles

•  In-built bulls eye level for easy leveling

•  Anchor tie down ring for dish stability in high winds

•  Dish also mounts on the Portable Traveller (available separately).

Campersat Portable Executive Traveller Option

This popular option provides an addtional mounting option and is perfect for the traveler who wants the flexibility of a mount that can be used on their trailer, bullbar, caravan or vehicle, or can be fitted to some other support. The mount is easy to install, and the dish can be removed quickly for ease of travel. The tripod system will be used where it is appropriate to ground mount the dish.


•  Easy to carry, set up and stow

•  Mount does not sit on the ground, so it can be used in any terrain.

•  In-built bulls eye level for easy leveling

•  Flexible mount easily fitted to vehicle

•  Semi-permanent mount will not blow over, even in high winds.

•  Great addition to the Executive tripod

Campersat Portable Compact

This is Campersat's newest and most economical portable model, and can be screwed down in locations where travelers are enjoying longer stays. The system mounts on a low profile tripod base.


•  Attractive, entry level choice  elevator shoes

•  Dish can be placed away from your camper.

•  Sturdy, low profile tripod mount

•  Suitable for use on flat surfaces

•  Set up in minutes

•  Tripod mount can be screwed down to a fixed location.

•  Perfect for travel involving extended stays

•  An excellent choice for itinerant workers


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