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Commercial Systems

Videosat Complete Commercial Systems give all commercial users the advantage of satellite programs and services.

Videosat works with many users in configuring packages and systems to suit particular markets and usage patterns.

These markets include but are not limited to: 


Rural work sites and mining camps

Roadside or temporary work camps where it is necessary to have extended stays outside normal population areas

Commercial establishments, such as guest houses, homestays, and resorts, can easily have the perfect TV reception often not available via normal terrestrial transmissions.

Resellers and related industries who provide after-market fitting and configuring  of equipment not fitted in original delivery

Operators in the travel, hire, tour and entertainment industries, who wish to value- add goods and services, for example, adding any of the program services to moving or traveling vehicles

Such operators include road, rail, air, river and estuary marine use, whether services are a part of operated boats or vehicles or just boats or vehicles for hire. Non-fixed installations are covered in our Campersat range of products.

For any enquires regarding commercial use, feel free to 






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