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Choosing the Right Satellite System for You!

There are numerous products available on the market, but which one to choose? Which satellite system is right for your needs?  In order to choose the right system, we recommend you have a basic understanding of how satellite systems work and what to look for when choosing a system. Here is a guide to help you make your choices and the best products we have available for you.  If you are still not sure, you can always contact our friendly team for a chat and to ask questions. This is what you need to know when choosing a satellite system.
  • Virtually, all services are digital 
  • Most services are now encrypted to service controlled markets and this includes assess to most of the free services - ABC/SBS and commercial regional satellite TV is encrypted. It is very important to understand this so that you purchase correct equipment, properly configured for the services you wish to replica watches view.
  • Satellites are owned replica bags and operated by carriers eg: Optus, now part of Singapore Telecom, who operates four main satellites (C1, D1, D2 and recently D3) and others such as Intelsat 8.
  • Satellite operators shape their  signal pattern to meet market requirements, meaning that there is greater satellite reception around the eastern seaboard of Australia than centre and west.
  • Some services are free, but are controlled to manage operator’s licenses and program source provider's copyright requirements.
  • Subscription services are managed to ensure that only subscribers are able to view services.

For customers who are on the move or who are in itinerant situations, we have specific products designed for you. Please visit Campersat

We offer a large range of specially-designed complete kits:

These products are designed to provide you with a simple self-installation solution for your home.

 Each kit contains:

  • Satellite dish
  • Satellite receiver
  • Smart card (depending on the package purchased)
  • Videosat test metre to assist with final alignment
  • Roof and wall mounts
  • 20 metres of cable with professional compression fittings



You don’t need a package because you want to DIY?

If you are looking to upgrade or replace equipment, our online store stocks a large assortment of spare parts, replacement parts and accessories for satellite products.  Components are generally supplied out of the box from each relevant component manufacturer together with documentation from that manufacturer.  Feel free to order online or contact our sales team to confirm we have the item you need in stock.