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Taking the first step is easy - Contact our friendly team in Australia on:

Ph: (02) 9484 0100

you can email us,

or complete our contact us form.

I have my Inmarsat phone for 3 years now.

It is an extremely useful piece of equipment in Australia. I have an opportunity to travel to more remote parts of our country and use this phone from time to time.

It is very ease and intuitive to operate. It does take 2-4 minutes to locked to satellite for the first call (depend on clear access to the sky) but the next calls can be made immediately.

It is a good idea to store some emergency numbers of the area you plan to travel ex.police,rangers,fire brigade,hospitals etc.

From my 3 years experience with Inmarsat I have managed to get full coverage of the area travelled.

Rgds. janusz

Attention Wally

Hi, this is just a note to say how pleased we are with your satellite system, it was quite easy to install & after a very short learning curve have no trouble receiving all stations plus Pay T.V.

In finishing I also would like to add that all staff have been excellent in their help, & I have no hesitation in recommending your product.

Thanks again.


"Hi Wally & team,

You may remember me. You sold me a CAMPERSAT receiver for my motorhome a few weeks ago. It is fabulous.

We have been to Longreach, Winton and other areas of outback Queensland. In places like Anackie (on the opal fields)when nobody else had television or effective radio reception, we had all of those things, and were able to stay in touch with the news of the world and also take in entertainment television.

Your gear is great... thanks a million.

Thanks Wally, Happy New Year
Tony, Wynnum Central. Qld."
"Since purchasing our Videosat Campersat Satellite TV receiving system, we have experienced outstanding reception in our travels around Australia.

No matter where we have been the satellite signal is easily located in just a few minutes.

We chose the inbuilt kit, which we installed ourselves. It comes with a fully documented easy to follow step-by-step process.

The proprietor of Videosat, Wally Shand and his dedicated staff have been outstanding in their efforts to ensure complete customer satisfaction, providing follow up support and spares back up which we consider to be second to none.

We highly recommend Videosat's satellite receiving system and are willing to discuss all aspects with fellow travellers.

Zelma & Brian"

Dear Sir,

I have spent time and money in the past trying to have decent TV reception while traveling in caravans and motorhomes.

As I wander around Caravans Shows looking for better antennas I would say to my self I must have used them all without complete satisfaction. What's new for me to try?. Well for some time I had been looking at Campersat, shying away because of the price.

I decided this year to go to the Barcaldine Rally as a first timer and felt I needed good TV reception. I was going on my own and did not know what to expect in the way of club entertainment at night.

I met and talked to Louise Wills Campersat Product Manager, at the Melbourne Caravan and Motorhomes Show and used my plastic to purchase Campersat. What a difference a day makes. I can now have great TV reception wherever I am.

Can I set it up quickly? No, but I am learning and the company's 1800 number is always answered.

If you need good TV reception and I seem to, give them a try. I don't think you will be sorry. My children borrow my van and take the dish for the Christian radio station's music. Forget the cost. Just enjoy.

Yours sincerely,




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