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Welcome to Videosat!

Want satellite TV on the move? Head over to Campersat

We are one of Australia’s leading providers of quality DIY satellite reception equipment for free-to-air satellite TV viewing. We have been servicing rural and outer metropolitain areas for over 25 years and can guarantee no monthly service fees!

Did you know Australia has free-to-air satellite TV since 1985?  Don’t put up with lousy terrestrial TV reception any longer. We have the answer - Australia wide free-to-air satellite TV with NO MONTHLY SERVICE FEES!

As part of an Australian government-funded initiative to roll out digital free-to-air TV, a new satellite platform known as the Viewer Access Satellite (VAST) service elevator shoes has been established for rural customers.  VAST service aims to ensure that anyone in Australia that cannot access digital terrestrial services has immediate access to a reliable and professionally operated free-to-air service.

At Videosat, we specialise in supplying complete DIY satellite systems for self-installation.  We encourage our customers to install their own systems, saving them in expensive callout and installation charges.  Our nationwide network of satisfied customers come from all walks of life and have successfully self-installed their satellite TV systems.  You can rest assured that we will provide reliable, helpful advice and prompt, efficient service.

We offer more than just a variety of satellite TV best elevator shoes reception systems; we can provide satellite telephones and internet connection devices:

Satellite TV doesn’t have to be just for your home,best replica watches it is the perfect option when traveling by caravan or motorhome.  View our range of specialised mobile satellite TV solutions at Campersat satellite equipment.



Important announcement from Inmarsat about Updates to Prepaid Voucher conditions:

  • New Extension voucher to extend air time of any current voucher click here
  • From July 1- 2016 -  50 Unit new vouchers will have validity reduced from 90 days to 30 days.Campersat will supply 90 day units till sold out. Order now click here
  • From July 1 - 2016 - 100 Unit new vouchers will have validity reduced from 180 days to 90 days.
    Campersat will supply 180 day vouchers till sold out Order now click here.


Now instore - New VAST receiver by SatKing

Full digital Australian service + HD
Available as receiver with smart card
Optional 12v lead for on the move
New Satking sensor allows caravan and motorhomers to put their Satking receiver away in a cupboard out of sight.


ON SPECIAL - iSatPhones

 This is real value for money.

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Free-to-air VAST service AVAILABLE NOW!

This is a significant breakthrough in the provision of digital TV services to all Australians, particularly for those in remote and regional areas who for many years have had to put up with less choice than people in the cities. It means, finally, after well over 50 years, every Australian will have access to digital television with the same program selection as the capital city viewers. This means, in detail, all the programming in standard definition from mens height shoes the Seven, Nine and Ten networks and their new digital channels GO!, 7TWO and ONEHD, as well as all of the ABC and SBS channels, including ABC2, ABC3 and the new ABC HD 24 Hrs news channel, Plus SBS TWO. The VAST service will also provide HD www.ok-replicas.co cheap rolex fake watches channels.

 Order your VAST receiver now